Finding Your (Work) Self-Worth

Get ready to dive into an uplifting but real-talk episode of “Elevate Your People,” where your host, Danielle Dietz, switches things up to bring you an empowering discussion on achieving the ultimate work-life harmony. This isn’t your regular chat; it’s a vibrant exploration of finding your self-worth in the delicate dance between giving your all at work and having fulfilling personal life, too.

Join Danielle as she sheds light on the celebrated concept of “grit” and spins it into a mantra for not just your career, but your personal sphere as well. Danielle empowers listeners to architect your own joy and success inside and outside of work. From boundary-setting and adding gratitude in your daily routine to being an energy booster in the office and designing a life you love—this episode shatters your previous notions of what ‘success’ looks like and expands your scope to all areas of life. Tune in to transform the way you hold yourself accountable to live a life worth living.