Sommer Brennan - Fueling Passion and Loyalty through Experiences

In this episode, we meet Sommer, a sales leader and certified life coach who understands the value derived from personal experiences and how they contribute to our success at work.

Learn how Sommer’s personal transformation through life coaching, athletics and travel have intertwined with her professional journey and how Blueboard, an experiential employee rewards platform, fuels moments that matter by tapping into its customers' passions, too.

Sommer emphasizes the significance of experiences over material possessions, especially in the workplace. When experiences, not compensation alone, are valued at work, authenticity and vulnerability are more easily revealed in leadership and within teams.

Join us for an inspiring conversation on finding the harmony of passions and career, creating a work environment that values personal pursuits, and connecting with your team on a more profound level. Unlock your authenticity and cultivate meaningful experiences with Sommer’s insights.