Kara Rapozo - Self Care & Creating an Environment for Team Members to Thrive

In this episode of the Elevate Your People Podcast, host Danielle Dietz engages in a conversation with Kara Rapozo, Vice President of Business Development at Landmark Recovery. Kara shares her insights on healthy leadership, the importance of self-care, and creating an environment where individuals and teams can thrive. Key Takeaways: - Kara emphasizes the possibility of balancing a successful career and family life, encouraging women to lean into both equally. - Leadership, for Kara, provides an avenue to support individuals in becoming their best selves and finding happiness in the workplace. - Self-care is highly individualized, and Kara acknowledges the importance of taking time for oneself, particularly for working moms who often carry significant mental and emotional loads. - As a leader, Kara prioritizes self-care and extends the same focus to her team, creating a supportive environment that values well-being. - Kara's transition to the employee health space has allowed her to continue advocating for mental health and promoting happiness in the workplace. Overall, Kara Rapozo's experiences and insights underscore the importance of prioritizing what healthy balance looks like for you as a leader and creating an environment that fosters the well-being and growth of individuals and teams.