Brad Federman Accountability in Your Culture and Its Connection to Employee and Customer Experience


In the second episode of the Elevate Your People Podcast, host Danielle Dietz welcomes guest Brad Federman to discuss the often underemphasized aspect of accountability in company culture. They explore how accountability impacts employee experience, revenue, and the overall success of a business. Brad shares his personal journey in the human resources space and the inspiration behind his mission to help organizations elevate their people.



1. Importance of Early Leadership Experiences:

  • Brad shares his experience as a child attending a leadership camp and how it sparked his passion for human resources.
  • He highlights the valuable training and skills he acquired during his time at the camp, including problem-solving and instructional design.
  • Danielle reflects on how early leadership experiences can profoundly shape individuals' career paths and their commitment to enhancing the experiences of others.

2. Influence of Personal Story and Advocacy:

  • Brad shares the story of his father, who grew up in poverty but advocated for equal experiences for all children.
  • His father's belief in the power of shared experiences to foster empathy and open minds influenced Brad's mission to inspire others to discover and live their full potential.
  • Danielle acknowledges the significance of Brad and his father both being influential in leadership at a young age, emphasizing the lasting impact of such experiences.

3. The Impact of Accountability on Company Culture:

  • Brad discusses the importance of collective accountability in creating a thriving company culture.
  • He explains how a strong culture drives employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and ultimately impacts revenues.
  • Brad emphasizes the need for leadership to stay in tune with the company's culture and address any drift that may occur.



Danielle and Brad conclude the episode by underscoring the critical role of accountability in creating an environment where people and results can thrive. They emphasize the power of early leadership experiences and the significance of fostering a culture that inspires and supports individuals in reaching their full potential.