Elizabeth Krystyn on Scaling Authentically: Human-Centered Growth from Inception to IPO and Beyond


Are you struggling to create an authentic workplace culture? In this podcast, we discuss with Elizabeth Krystyn, a visionary leader who scaled a business from inception to thousands of employees while staying centered on the success of her colleagues. Elizabeth's approach focuses on the realistic headwinds business leaders face and how to anticipate and overcome those so your organization comes out stronger.

This podcast explores various facets that promise to shift your understanding and approach to workplace culture. You'll uncover invaluable insights and practical strategies, from fostering open communication to aligning benefits with your organization's ethos to saying "yes" to unfamiliar opportunities for unexpected growth.

Elizabeth Krystyn is a seasoned professional and a passionate advocate for fostering supportive workplace cultures. As a founding partner of Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS), she aligns employee benefits with organizational culture and values. Elizabeth's expertise has proven invaluable in collaborations with various organizations, and she actively serves on multiple boards, reflecting her commitment to giving back to the community.

Elizabeth is also a trusted friend and mentor who guides and inspires those around her. Her investment in the growth and success of others is remarkable. She supports young talent, exemplified by her scholarship at the University of South Florida for women in finance and risk management.

Throughout the podcast, Elizabeth shares her experiences. She addresses various topics including the challenges she faced in the benefits space, the importance of cultural values during challenging times, fostering work-life integration, creating an engaging onboarding experience, and tailoring benefits packages to align with culture and values.

This podcast is packed with actionable steps and insights. Elizabeth Krystyn's expertise and leadership serve as a beacon for those aspiring to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields. Whether you're leading an organization or seeking to grow your career, this podcast will give you perspective and tangible ideas for how you can elevate those around you with authenticity and humility.


00:00 to 3:47 - How did Elizabeth Krystyn get started in the benefits space, and what challenges did she face along the way?

3:47 to 5:53 - Why did Elizabeth Krystyn choose to stay and grow in the insurance industry? 5:53 to 8:48 - How have Elizabeth Krystyn's multifaceted experiences contributed to her success in creating new insurance programs?

8:48 to 13:41 - How have BKS's entrepreneurial spirit and cultural values contributed to its success, especially during challenging times?

13:41 to 17:03 - How does BKS maintain and reinforce its cultural values as the team grows and faces daily challenges?

17:03 to 18:22 - How can individuals embrace vulnerability and authenticity to foster personal and professional growth?

18:22 to 21:06 - How can individuals balance their personal and professional lives while still pursuing what they love and prioritizing their relationships?

21:06 to 23:25 - How can organizations foster a work environment that promotes work-life integration, flexibility, and trust, ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity?

23:15 to 27:14 - How can organizations create a welcoming and engaging onboarding experience that helps new hires feel valued and integrated into the team?

27:14 to 28:55 - How can organizations foster a safety, belonging, and mattering culture to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction?

28:55 to 31:18 - How can businesses differentiate themselves and add value to client relationships by aligning with workplace culture and needs?

31:18 to 34:20 - How can businesses tailor their benefits packages to align with their unique culture and values, creating a more authentic and fulfilling workplace experience?

34:20 to 36:48 - How can leaders cultivate authentic leadership by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and aligning their roles accordingly?

36:48 to 39:37 - How does Elizabeth Krystyn give back to the industry and support the next generation, particularly women, in risk management and finance?

39:37 to 42:27 - What valuable lesson does Elizabeth Krystyn emphasize in her concluding remarks, and what advice does she offer listeners?