Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jaime Seeman on Chris Cuomo Tonight

dr. jaime seeman video Mar 12, 2024

Check out our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jaime Seeman on Chris Cuomo Tonight talking about important considerations when taking GLP-1 Weight Loss Medications.

The FDA's recent approval of the weight loss drug Wegovy for use in children aged 12 and older has sparked a significant conversation about the treatment of childhood obesity in America. Aimed at addressing the growing obesity crisis among the young population, this decision has led to a mix of optimism and concern among health professionals and the public. 

 In an informative discussion with Chris Cuomo, Biocoach Chief Medical Officer Dr. Seeman, known for her work in nutrition and exercise health science, weighed in on the implications of prescribing Wegovy to teenagers. Highlighting a study where 73% of participants experienced notable weight loss compared to 18% in the placebo group, Dr. Seeman acknowledged the drug's effectiveness. Yet, she also pointed out potential issues, including side effects, the high cost of the medication, and the underlying societal challenges contributing to obesity.

However, concerns about Wegovy's long-term effects on children's growth and development were also discussed, highlighting the need for cautious use and further research.

The discussion concluded with an emphasis on the role of society and families in fighting obesity, suggesting that parents lead by example in adopting healthier lifestyles. This approach underlines the idea that tackling obesity requires a comprehensive strategy beyond just medication.

This insightful dialogue sheds light on the complexities of using Wegovy as a treatment for childhood obesity, advocating for a balanced approach that includes medical, lifestyle, and societal interventions.

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